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Innovation in excavation for:  Petrochemical works / Power Stations / Sub Stations / City Centres / Utilities / Mod Properties / Trackside Maintenance / Environmental Projects

Power Stations
Sub Stations
Extension Pieces
City Centres
Careful excavation around gas valves reveals four HV cables

Up to twelve times more productive than manual excavation
Neater finish and less of the highway is lost to excavation
High speed with flexibility is often required for works within confined spaces
Non invasive digging offers safe excavations within substations
The only approved method
of excavation around protected trees
Ideal for trackside maintenance with spoil loaded directly into excavator
Less disruption to traffic flow in towns and cities
and on major highways
Effective reach in many areas where mechanical excavation is impossible
Up to 12 times faster than manual excavation:
• Reduced service pit dimensions
• Reduced tipping charges
• Reduced reinstatement costs
• Reduced environmental damage
• Reduction in grab support
• Reduction of barriers
• Cleaner sites
• Reduced risk of injury to
  digging teams

How much has damage caused by conventional excavation cost your organisation last year / this year / next year? This can be substantially reduced by using suction excavation technology; the only real alternative to mechanical and manual excavation.

The speed and flexibility of suction excavation is ideal for works in high-profile locations. Telescopic reach and flexibility is effective in many areas where mechanical excavation is compromised.
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